I don't know how to do something in WPBakery. Where can I get help?

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2019-09-25 16:06

Please visit our WordPress 101 Training website for a list of tutorials that WPBakery has created for their tool.

Video tutorials include:

  • WPBakery Page Builder Tutorial for Beginners

  • Start Building Page or Use Default Templates

  • Clone Elements in WPBakery Page Builder

  • Add WPBakery Page Builder Row and Column

  • Add and Edit Text in WPBakery Page Builder

  • Add and Edit Images in WPBakery Page Builder

  • Add and Edit Image Gallery

  • Image Filters

  • Create and Reuse Templates

  • Inner Row Structure

  • Custom Heading Element with Google Fonts

  • Create Tabs, Tours and Accordions

  • Add Background Color or Image

  • Full Width Row

  • Full Height Row and Video Background

  • Parallax Background Effect for Row

  • Edit Page and Post Titles

  • Create Empty Space with Custom Height

  • Element Design Options

  • How To: Create Full Height Section with Parallax Effect

  • How To: Build Feature List Layout

  • How to Work with Template Library

If you still would like more help, please send a request to ithelp@glendon.yorku.ca to set up a meeting. Please include as much details as possible:

  • include the URL of the page you're working on
  • indicate what you want to do
  • describe what you're doing that's not working
  • include a screenshot if possible
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