I cannot connect to AirYorkPLUS on my Android Device

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2019-08-27 04:20

First, try these general troubleshooting steps found at the link below:



I've checked and my account works but I  still can't connect on my Android Device

Potential Problem 1: It won’t give me the option to click “Connect”

  1.  Ensure you have the following settings on your device when signing into the network
    1. EAP method: PEAP
    2. Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPV2
      1. Note: on newer android devices, this option is under “Advanced” when signing into the network.
    3. CA Certificate: Do not validate
    4. Identity: your Passport York Username
    5. Password: your Passport York account password 

Potential Problem 2: I was connected just fine recently but now I can’t connect. / I changed my password recently and now I can’t get internet on AirYorkPLUS 

  1. Answer: Try resetting your connection on AirYorkPLUS by deleting and re-adding the network.
    1. To forget the network follow these steps:
      1. Open Settings on your device and go to Connections
      2. Enter the Wi-Fi settings
      3. Long-press on AirYorkPLUS
      4. Select “Forget network”
    2. Reconnect to AirYorkPlus using the appropriate settings and your Passport York credentials.

 If you are still unable to connect, fill out the AirYorkPLUS problem report form found at the following link:



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