How do I connect to wifi?

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2019-08-27 14:05

There are a few options available for connecting to wifi whether you're a student, staff member, visiting from another campus, or a guest.


The network name you should be connecting to is called AirYorkPLUS. To use this service, put in your Passport York username followed by For example - The password is the same as your Passport York password. To learn more, and about how to connect your specific device, please visit



If you are visiting from another University which participates in the eduroam program, you may log in using your home University's login credentials here at Glendon under the eduroam network. For more information on how to log in and to see if your University is a participant of the eduroam program, please visit this link: Please note that your home University is responsible for IT support for visiting users.


York U students and staff may also use their login credentials in other Universitiies participating in the eduroam program. These users should put in their Passport York logon followed by when logging into eduroam abroad. If you experience problems abroad, you will need to contact the Glendon helpdesk at 416-487-6700 or


Visitors to Glendon may sign up for an 8 hour session using the AirYorkGUEST service. Once the session expires, a new session may be initiated. For more information about how to sign up for a guest session, please visit


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