Can I access PDF Software to Edit PDFs from home?

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2020-04-16 21:43

While you can't download a local copy of Adobe Acrobat you can download a copy of PDF X-Change using MyApps. 

When working on PDFs via MyApps, it is better to use the PDF-XChange Pro software than the Adobe Acrobat software. Using PDF-XChange allows it to install on your local machine and work from there. This will also give you access to all of your local resources for saving/opening documents.

To Access PDF-XChange Pro Locally on your Computer

  1. Go to and log in with your Passport York Credentials. If this is your first time on MyApps, perform the necessary setup and grant permission to launch applications.
  2. Find PDF-XChange Pro in the list of available applications.
  3. Click on "Virtual" to have it install a local copy on your machine that has access to your resources:


For more information about MyApps please see:

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